“We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both – Karl Lagerfeld.”

It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that a home is a pure reflection of your personality’s essence. Every corner, detailing & décor draws its inspiration from your style. Hence, architecture is deeply coherent with fashion.

Human emotion is a crucial factor in designing architecture, as the design helps connect with different personalities & gives out a message from the architect.

Why is the human factor necessary for designing architecture?
We all have heard, ‘A home should feel like a home,’ So, precisely what does make home, a home?

It’s the little elements that speak of you and about you. From the lighting to the bright colours, the architecture of a home is a feeling of oneness that calls out to you, each time you come home. Therefore, while designing the architecture of your home, it is essential to pour your ethos into it.

What does fashionable architecture instil?
Architecture goes far beyond being just a skeleton of a building or a house. It is an emotion of an architect designed to develop a strong connection with whoever sees it. How often have you fallen in love with the symmetry of objects? Countless times, probably. Every symmetry of an object has been curated by the architect to give out a unique message. So, the next time you see observe, think through what’s the story that the architect wants to portray.

Fashionable architecture derives a rich feel, given the tailor-made luxury interiors & sleek detailing. In today’s ever-evolving world of fashion & architecture, the taste of modern-age homebuyers has changed dramatically. Now, people prefer well-crafted architecture right from the home’s entrance to the washroom. Altogether, living in a house that features your aura in tiniest of details is what the rising demand of homebuyers convey, in the current scenario.

Codename Vogue – A Reflection of You
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