Style statement is not limited to your clothes, your homes can flaunt your fashion style too! A home is where you can express yourself through its interiors, fixtures, and fittings. The demand for trendy luxury homes has revolutionised the real estate sector in recent times. Projects offering modern homes which echo character and style are on the rise. Townships offering luxury villas, holiday homes, and plots are developing across major cities. The demand for smart homes with plush amenities in well-connected locations of a city or suburban area supports the sector’s growth.

The luxury real estate sector’s goal is not limited to building visually appealing homes; it also focuses on keeping pace with technology to ensure that the houses are technologically enabled.

Here is our take on the top three reasons for the surge in luxury homes:

1. The desire to spend on homes that offer more than just a living spaceBuyers opt for homes that offer amenities which match their lifestyle. Residential projects with modern amenities give the residents a means to decompress and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Who wouldn’t want to take a dip into a pool after a stressful day at work or take a stroll in the park, without leaving society premises?

2. High demand from affluent home buyers, The rising disposable income and the willingness to invest and splurge in homes have increased the demand for luxury apartments in metro cities and suburbs.

3. The rise in high-end luxury real estate projects

To match the demand for modern homes many luxury real estate projects have sprung up in metro cities and suburbs. Pune is a hub for many luxury real estate projects.

New Aundh’s fashion-themed project Codename Vogue is one of them. This project paves the way for you to live in eclectic residences crafted with edgy artisanship & fashion-forward design. It offers trendy homes, where you can absorb sophisticated luxury embellished with staggering glass facades & exuberant greens. Experience the comfort of living in a well-connected location and the joy of living in homes with over 50+ amenities. Take your steps towards living in your trendy home. A flamboyant lifestyle awaits you.